Monday, December 16, 2013

christmas 2014

christmas 2014
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Magic Carpet or Double Irish Chain Quilt

My parents and the three youngest siblings came to visit for their spring break again this year. and my mom brought her new toy. This is a stock photo I found of the Accu Quilt Go Fabric Cutter. She purchased a die that cut 2.5" strips and we used it to cut out all of the strips required to make this quilt.

After sewing the strips together in five different patterns then you cut them again into 2.5" strips and then sew them together into squares and put them together to make this finished product.

The original pattern in the book called for 1.5" strips which would have made 1" finished squares but since she had the 2.5" strip cutter we decided that a 2" finished square would be much easier to put together, iron, and quilt. I should also mention that all of the fabric used (except for the backing) were scraps from previous projects. Mostly from mom's scrap bin. So if you are wondering if it is useful to save those scraps from your projects here is a perfect example of what you can do with them!

This is a picture of the quilt wrapped around my boys twin bed. The final measurement was 89"x89" and it would probably better fit a full sized bed.

Something for Hazel

While most of these posts are to catalog what I have quilted, once in a while I will have something that I want to save here as well. This is a perfect example. When we found out that our third child would not get to live long my sister-in-law Amanda and my younger sister Brenda wanted to do something for us. Amanda made this tiny Double Wedding Ring quilt for her to be buried with and a duplicate for us to have as a keepsake. In the center of the quilt is a picture of the Mount Timpanogas temple where Ben and I were married and the embroidered words read 'The Rogers family is Forever'.

During college one of Brenda's projects was to make clothing for babies who were born premature. As Hazel was only 12 inches long and weighed in at 1 lb. 10 oz. she was quite small. Brenda made this beautiful white dress for her burial as well and it was so wonderful to not have to try to find these items but instead to have them lovingly made just for her. I don't think that I could thank these two enough for such wonderful gifts.

I should mention that they each completed their projects in less than a week. I'm so blessed to have such talented relatives!

Cars Quilt for my little boy

My second son has always had hand me down blankies from his older brother so I decided it was time for him to have one of his own and to give up the baby blanket that he has been using since birth.

As usual I found this piece of fabric in my mom's sewing room and she had no plans for it. So I got this and a little bit of border fabric to go with it. I already had the super soft blue at home and decided that would make it fun for him. This picture of the back of the quilt almost shows the wavy pattern that I decided to quilt it with. My oldest son called this kind of quilting "Bee Line".

Embroidered Elephant Baby Quilt

Many, many years ago my mom made this quilt top. I know that the picture quality is poor but each different color of embroidery thread is a different embroidery pattern. I know that she loved making this quilt top but just never got around to finishing it what with all of her kids and projects that always seemed to take precedence.

To finish this quilt there were some blank spaces that needed to be filled in so that when the quilt gets washed it doesn't fall apart. So I got online and printed out an eight-sided star pattern to fill in the voids.

I decided to use the green super soft fabric for the back of this one as Brenda has been trying to claim it for years and green is her favorite color. I also used a green thread to do all of the quilting which really makes the added eight-sided stars stand out more.

Second Cross stitch pattern quilt.

As I noted in an earlier post a lady in my mom's ward does the cross stitch on these baby quilts. Here is the second one that I have quilted.

On this one I used the really soft fabric that you get at Jo-Ann's on the back and chose the bright yellow since I don't know if this will be for a boy or a girl. I just wanted to get a couple of them finished for my mom to give them away when she wants.